20 July 2018
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LAC Flying School - Our Students

Achievements 2015

First Solo's 2015
Charles Rear C152 G-BONW Keith Carr C152 G-BONW
Robert Peat PA28 G-LACB Matthew Chapman PA28 G-LACB
Maktoum Al-Badi C150 G-AVER Paul Rees C152 G-BONW
PPL Skill Test Pass 2015
Tony Hynes C150 G-AVER Virgil Tan PA28 G-ISHA
Sean Whelan C152 G-BONW

Achievements 2014

First Solo's 2014
Darren Billings PA28 G-LACB Tim O'Connor C150 G-AWPU
David Horseman C172 G-BOIL David Bradford C150 G-AVER
Craig Flannery PA28 G-LACB Steve Graham PA28 G-LACB
Nick Finneran PA28 G-LACB Mark Bowles C150 G-AVER
Virgil Tan PA28 G-LACB Jamie Sinclair PA28 G-LACB
Declan Brown C150 G-AVER Mark Thomas PA28 G-ISHA
Akash Bhadani C152 G-BONW Kamran Safiyari C152 G-BONW
Daniel Hulse C150 G-AVER Miles Mcneaney C152 G-BONW
PPL Skill Test Pass 2014
Kieran Mcdonnell PA28 G-LACB Daniel Hannath C150 G-AVER
Andrew Smith C150 G-AVER Robert Thacker C150 G-AVER
Martin Ridgway PA28 G-ISHA Thomas Royle PA28 G-ISHA
Andrew Alexander C152 G-BONW Sam Hardman PA28 G-ISHA
Tony Hynes C150 G-AVER

Achievements 2013

First Solo's 2013
Sean Whelan C150 G-AWPU Jinan Qin PA28 G-ISHA
Simon Ashdown PA28 G-LACB Martin Madden G115 G-BOPU
Mark Hindle PA28 G-ISHA Daniel Hannath G115 G-BOPU
Robert Thacker C150 G-AWPU Ben Skelly C172 G-BOIL
Josh Tankel C150 G-AWPU Andy Alexander G115 G-BOPU
Rob Choudhury G115 G-BOPT John Brooks G115 G-BOPT
Peter Jones C150 G-AWPU
PPL Skill Test Pass 2013
Dean Golba G115 G-BOPT Ben Skelly PA28 G-LACB
John Brooks G115 G-BOPT Mark Chadwick PA28 G-ISHA
Peter Mills PA28 G-ISHA Chris Melton C150 G-AWPU
Neil Sandham PA28 G-ISHA Simon Altman G115 G-BOPT
Ian Winston C150 G-AWPU Oliver Skelton C150 G-AWPU
Daryl Worthington C150 G-AWPU Odai Koukash PA28 G-LACB

Recent Feedback

Pete Jones...

"All my life Iíve wanted to be a pilot, as a small child I used to look up in awe at the planes and wonder what it would be like to fly one of those. I began my flying training in 2013 with instructor Rob McCarthy, who has since moved on to fly with one of the big airlines and now Iím in the final stages of my flying training with Tony Partakis. voucher
I visited quite a few flying schools before LAC and found LAC to be the one for me, I tend to make decisions based on gut feelings and LAC just felt right to me so I booked the trial lesson and the rest is history.

In the past few years I have come to know the instructors and staff at LAC flying school very well and found them to be highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They encourage you to progress at your own pace if thatís what you want, they explain key concepts in detail whether itís for practical flying or for the exams, they even allow you to video your flights from within the cockpit so you can savour and share your precious moments for ever

Learning to fly has been challenging at times but besides the birth of my two children it has been the most memorable, exiting and enjoyable experience of my entire life and I would like to thank all the staff at LAC especially Rob McCarthy and more recently Tony Partakis for their commitment in helping ordinary people like me to achieve a lifelong dream.

It doesnít end there though because when I pass the General skills test I want to continue flying with LAC to achieve an IMC rating

Dean Golba...

voucher "I achieved my PPL with LAC in November 2013. I decided to learn with LAC back in 2010 inspired by the first arrival of the A380 into Manchester Airport. I visited all the schools at the time and found LAC the most informative. I then booked the trial lesson with Tony Partakis in the Grob G-115 and completely fell in love with flying. Tony has remained as my instructor throughout the course and I did all of my training in the lively fleet of Grobs.
I canít thank the staff and Tony at LAC enough, this course has been the greatest and most memorable experience of my life. I have two recommendations to make, one for LAC and the second for videoing the experience. You are guaranteed to have moments you wished you could have shared with friends and family!"

Neil Sandham...

"For many folk who want to learn to fly, when looking for flying schools the task can be quite daunting. So much unknown and so many questions needing answers. Reading internet forums help answer some but I found it was only by talking (note not emailing, not texting not Facebooking!) to the flying schools, that a real opinion can be formed. This is where LAC Flying School stood above the rest. Instantly, I found the staff at the school to be friendly, professional and above all open and honest. voucher
To me it was important the school I would choose was an established school that had stood the test of time, that all the instructors had been there for some time and that they were clearly still enthusiastic about their passion for flying - the CFI at LAC being one of the most experienced and respected in the country and always has some great tales to tell. A good sized fleet of training aircraft was also important to give me choice and to ensure good availability to book lessons as and when would suit me. It was important that I felt they understood my capabilities, and took time to understand my goals be it to gain a PPL as a hobby or perhaps to make the first steps in a career. Finally it was paramount that the flying school chosen had the depth to provide further support and training beyond obtaining a PPL to add new skills such as IMC or to train on different aircraft. LAC Flying School ticked all these boxes so my choice was easily made. I just needed to find the time and of course the money!

There are many memorable aspects in learning to fly - LAC understands that and help you mark those significant achievements. A certificate for your first trial lesson (which counts of course to your log book hours), your very first take off with you at the controls or the very first landing that you perform. As part of the PPL training course a number of hours have to be achieved flying solo. The first time I did a solo circuit was one of the greatest days of my life. Again, LAC presents you with a certificate to mark this major milestone during your training. Beyond this other major events are the solo cross country qualifier, ground school, passing the written exams, perfecting stall recovery, the practice forced landing and of course passing the PPL test at the end. LAC never rushed me, they allowed me to work at my own pace and each of the instructors are always more than happy to help solve any questions you have about flying.....they even make a great cup of tea!

After passing your PPL, it doesnít end there of course. Since I passed in August 2013, I continue to use LAC Flying School aircraft as a member to build hours and have now cross trained to fly both the PA28 and the Cessna 172. Next stop will be to do the IMC rating which will certainly be with LAC. For me itís all about continual development of skills, precision, safety and of course the reason it all began - the fun.

Thanks to all the team at LAC Flying School for helping make a life long dream come true."

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